Product labels and purchasing habits  

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In a globalized, pluralistic world there is no doubt that product labels can be important. We should know where things were made, what ingredients are in products we will consume, and to what specifications the gadget conforms. Research reveals, however, that there is a hidden trap.

Do you know what a megapixel is, or what horsepower measures? Consumers are irresistibly drawn to product specification—from the “distortion rate” of a stereo to the calories in a snack—even when the numbers mean nothing to them. In fact, given a chance to directly experience competing products, buyers are still more likely to jus pick the item with the impressive-sounding features on the package, even if it is more expensive.

Source: “Specification Seeking: How Product Specifications Influence Consumer Preference” in the Journal of Consumer Research noted in The Atlantic (March 2009) p. 17 which you read here.

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