Ethics and the financial crisis  

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On March 20, 2009, David Miller (author of God at Work, director of the Faith & Work Initiative at Princeton University, Senior Fellow of Trinity Forum, and professor of business ethics) was interviewed on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (a PBS program). Though brief, Miller identifies some key issues that must be addressed if the world of business and finance is to serve any morality higher than an addiction to greed.


Q: President Obama has been talking this week, this past week about precisely that—some kind of change in the corporate culture, the business culture. What would that look like?

Dr. Miller: Well, it’s such an important issue—how can we have a culture, a corporate culture that accents character, that accents the common good and not just earnings per share or a penny more per share per quarter? That’s a new culture. Is it possible that companies can make a decent profit—create wealth, create jobs, provide goods and services for society and maybe even be a moral community to develop its people? I think it can, but it will take leadership that’s committed to a new vision.


You can listen to the interview with Dr Miller here. I recommend it to you.



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