Charlie Peacock: “Big River”  

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My friend Charlie Peacock is about to release a new CD, the first vocal album he’s recorded in 13 years. The video here was recorded at The Art House in Nashville, where Charlie and Andi live and where Charlie has his recording studio. He wrote “Big River” years ago, but this is the first time he’s recorded it. He was joined by Andy Leftwich (mandolin) and Bryan Sutton (acoustic guitar) while Sam Ashworth filmed the session.

There is a simple and haunting sound here, something that draws you in so you wish you could be sitting beside a river with nothing more important to do than watch it flow past. There is something inevitable about such motion, like the passage of time, which can be accepted as a gift or fought, as if our efforts can somehow transform reality. This is a wonderful recording, a reason to yearn for more.

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