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A friend who teaches in Prague sent me this email:

Dear friends,

Ever since a young Turkish pastor, who was planning to take a seminary course with me, was murdered because of his faith (2007), I have been much more concerned about freedom of religion on the international level.  Because many of the perpetrators either want to remain in darkness or else respond to international pressure, the least we can do for persecuted Christians is to publicize their plight around the world.  So when our German colleagues (who are very active on behalf of religious freedom) release reports and press releases, I try to translate some of them (like this one) into English, so they get a second readership.

Now comes your role:  This is a public press release that may be printed (entirely) or quoted in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, or websites.  It may also be forwarded and printed. With a few minutes at your computer, you could make a difference.  Whether you have access to the New York Times or your church newsletter, whether you print a few copies for friends at church or send it a million via email, some of you can help shine light in the darkness.  Publicity reduces the persecution of Christians.

If you arrange translation into another language, please let me know.

In the Lamb,
Thomas K. Johnson, PhD

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