Interesting numbers (II)  

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Total 2009 profits earned by the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank: $46.1 billion.
Of all years since its founding, which was most profitable for the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank: 2009.

Average number of hours/day a U. S. child spends using some sort of electronic device (including watching TV): 7.6.

[“Harper’s Index” in Harper’s Magazine (April 2010, p. 13, 82)]

How many Americans are stressed about work according to the American Psychological Association: 62%
How many working days are estimated lost each year in the U. S. due to stress related absenteeism: 275 million.
In the U.S., how much is spent each year on stress related health care: $22.8 billion.

[“Under Pressure” in Fast Company (April 2010, p. 112)]

When President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the U. S. Supreme Court, the National Archives were responsible to release all documents relating to her work while in government service. Turns out she had received 50,000 pages of documents from the Domestic Policy Council (where she had been deputy director) and 30,000 from the Counsel’s office (where she was associate counsel). During this period she sent 11,000 pages of emails and received 68,000 pages. The estimated total comes to around 160,000 pages of documents. This represents four years of government service.

[“Politico Playbook Daily Update” by Mike Allen (May 16, 2010)]

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