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My dear friend, Katie Bowser, lives in Nashville, YN, which is not the reason she is a musician. She is a musician because when God handed out gifts in songwriting and singing, he chose to skip a whole lot of otherwise nice people and pour an extra measure into Katie’s soul. That may seem unfair, and even be unfair by some measures, but then Katie chooses to generously share her gifts so it evens out.

For I’m not sure how long, Katie has been working on a way to introduce children to jazz, and now it’s ready for distribution. Coal Train Railroad is available here, and I urge you to buy a copy. Buy one for each child in your life. If there are no children in your life, get a new life.

The songs were written and performed by Katie, in collaboration with musical friends that love music as much as she does. It’s clever, and creative, and introduces children to a form of music that from its beginning sets hearts and imaginations free. “It’s music about kid stuff,” Katie writes, “juice, snuggling, naps, getting along, sharing—with music that we can all enjoy together.”

So click here and order. The children in your life will thank you, and you can thank me.

(They have a wonderful special on right now that is great for Christmas, but even if you miss that, Coal Train Railroad is worth getting.)

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yeah for God's good gifts! :)

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